Herbs benifits, more than just for cooking!!

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This summer has been an amazing journey of continuing to heal myself though the very foods I eat. It has been the first summer in six years I was not running to the pharmacy to replenish my allergy medication. The first summer I could venture outside and begin to enjoy the warmer temperatures without breaking out into an uncontrollable sweat that made working out look like childs’ play. That my feet didn’t swell making it excruciating to walk. Even better it was the first summer I was able to tame my oral allergy syndrome and enjoy fruit again without experiencing anaphylaxis.

In May even with my diet as clean as I could possibly get I was still struggling to eat. In 2009 I received my one and only flu shot while pregnant and as a result I developed the oral allergy, egg allergy and milk protein allergy. With each year the symptoms had grown and this year due to the oral allergy I was prescribed an epi-pen. My body being so stressed I was down to eating rice and kale and my body was in desperate need of help. Having been to my doctor I still could not get any answers. After a visit with my Natropath she shared with me about histamine intolerance and the pieces of what I was struggling with began to fit. So being a research fan I began to dig.

Initially I was looking at the list of what I already could not eat paired with the histamine intolerance diet and well I was already on that diet without even knowing it. Well not quite however my body was severely lacking nutrients. Thankfully I stumbled upon a site called the Low HIstamine Chef, and it was here I learned that pairing high nutrient, low histamine foods could help stabilize your body. Through her health experiences and her willingness to share I finally began to be able to find way to heal.

My first step was lowering my histamine levels in my body, which was quite the challenge considering everything I ate created a reaction of some sort. So I began researching and then applying some of the Low Histamine Chef’s suggestions. Here are a few that I started with, all trial and error however my body began to thank me for it right away

Green Tea – this tea has so many benefits, one being dealing with inflammation. Incorporating this helped with the swelling in the joints of my fingers as well as eliminations of histamines and excess water. Some other benefits of green tea are the following regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, boost the immune system, prevent ulcers, control inflammation, viral colds and flu, prevents gum disease, cavities, and bad breath

Basil – to think adding this into my meals would assist in helping with histamine and inflammation. The oil in basil qualifies basil as an “anti-inflammatory” food that can provide important healing benefits along with symptomatic relief for individuals with inflammatory health problems like rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel conditions.

Thyme – this is my go too, especially if I have eaten something that is causing me a reaction. It has proven to stop anaphylaxis in mice and those claims are so very true. It stopped my oral allergy in its tracks saving me the use of my epi-pen. All I had to do was to eat a few leaves off a sprig, it stopped the episode in seconds. It is also my go to when my stomach is upset.

Oregano – this is one herb that I add to my meals for all its antihistamine properties. Wild Oregano has at least seven different antihistamine chemicals. So as it helps to control histamine it also fights allergies as well as fungus and infection.

It has been so exciting to be able to lower my histamine levels naturally and begin to be able to eat again. In my studies to be a Holistic Nutritionist I am always looking for ways to heal the body naturally. My body is so very thankful!! If you are on a wellness journey never give up, I am living proof you can get better, one change at a time.


Natural Histamine and Herbs – by Andrew Pacholyk
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A little sleep does the body wonders!!

When I was on medication I never ever struggled to sleep. It would seem like I had just laid down my head and the alarm clock would be going off. Such a sound sleep. After weaning off meds, being med free and getting healthier I still felt I was getting plenty of rest until kiddies came along and then rest well that is that?

So once my sleep (the little I got) began to dwindle I started looking for natural ways to enable my body to get sleep. I worked out, was taking vitamins yet changing my eating habits but still did not seem to get the rest I needed. Eliminated caffeine and any other stimulants before bed then completely. Yet I would still wake up.

What I had not considered was what minerals were missing in my diet. So as I continued to search I came upon calcium and magnesium powder. Now separately calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. It required for vascular contraction, muscle function, nerve transmission, intracellular signaling and hormonal secretion, though less than 1% of total body calcium is needed to support these critical metabolic functions Magnesium on the other hand is important for many processes in the body, including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein, bone, and DNA. It is also considered the relaxation mineral. Now balance both of these minerals and they can provide a wonderful nights sleep.

When I came upon a product that had the benefits of both I thought I would give it a try. Its called “Natural Calm Plus Calcium” Magnesium-Calcium Powder. And after my first night I was pleasantly surprised it actually worked. It was such a relief and there was no side effects. And it is gluten-free so no additives!! So if you are looking for a natural way to sleep like a baby it is a great place to start. You can find it at Goodness Me, SuperStore and most health food stores. So until I write again….

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