Why I am pro IgG!

With food allergies, sensitivities and intolerance sometimes the road to find the root(s) of the problem is an ever winding road. With so may detours that when you get there you are too tired to celebrate. It took me three years to learn this valuable lesson. So today I am sharing my experience in hopes just one person can be on the road back to optimal health sooner than my family.

So what is IgG test? Well in the search for what ails you with foods the fastest way to getting answers, in my humble opinion. Well first I know everyone is familiar with a traditional blood test. Well a traditional blood test can show many possible illnesses. A few examples are as follows:

* blood glucose levels
* cholesterol levels (LDL, HDL)
* auto immune disease
* provide cancer markers and tumor markers (proteins found in your blood)
* liver health

So if a blood sample can tell you of illnesses would it not be a great place to start for food intolerance issues? After two failed tests for celiac, numerous trips to the doctors due to odd placed rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, food issues, screaming fits, and numerous other issues. I took the girls to a traditional allergists. Where interesting enough the IgE test most results came back pink without a hive. The IgE test shows the histamine reaction on the skin the “hive”. The same visit we also did the patch testing. That is where the skin is pricked and covered for a period of 24 to 48 hours. What traditionally is supposed to happen is a major hive or rash. What happened instead was all eight patches were flaming red. The allergists looked at me perplexed and had no answer. It was what he said that led me to the IgG test. When asked what was wrong as both of my kids were crying he said “I don’t know I have not seen that before.” “The only thing I can think of, is this is on the cellular level.” Nothing more than that aside from saying there was nothing he could do.

So once again I left another office exhausted with two girls in pain and no answers. However this time I had a clue, the word “cellular”. And I ran with it searching everything I could. Which was not much however I came across the IgG test and I knew a prayer had been answered.

So now what is IgG test. Well it takes place at a Natropaths office, and what they do is prick the finger and send the sample away. The blood sample is then tested against various foods to see which foods have the histamine response. This test looks for the IgG antibodies in relation to food. It can be tested on up to 300 food items.

Another interesting thing is that you do not have to eliminate foods before testing. So unlike the tests for celiac there is not a month to three months of eating the foods that are hurting you before the test can be preformed. My eldest had for the third time had the foods which were hurting her removed from her diet before the test. However that was not a requirement it just happened to be where we were in our cycle of food elimination trials. The IgG test still showed the reaction. The results were bang on to the foods I had already been questioning. Things finally made sense and having it on paper, well it was no longer me just reading her body/behaviors in food reactions. I had something concrete.

Since keeping my children allergen free they are happy healthy little girls. The rashes are gone, eczema gone, bleeding from the folds in her ears healed, bloated bellies gone and behaviors normal.

If you are struggling or your child is struggling with food issues and you can not get any answers this test is worth a try. I am not a doctor but I am a mom with a little experience to share and if I can help one person then my families experiences have done some good. If you are struggling to find the answers you really have nothing to lose. Wishing you the very best in your health journey the answers are but a finger prick away!!!