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Pregnant Stomach

The last little while I have been reading so many posts of pregnant women who are struggling on what to take supplement wise. With so much information out there on top of hormones it can get so over whelming. I remember what it was like to be wading through those waters. And for women with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances it can get increasingly more challenging. So here are a few things I have learned.

Calcium (1,200-1,600 mg)

Calcium is so important especially when pregnant. If a woman getting enough in her diet her child will pull the calcium from her bones to nourish itself. This creates health issues for both mother and unborn child. Calcium is important in helping form the baby’s bones and teeth and aids in muscle and heart function, blood clotting and nerve transmission.

Foods that can be added to the diet to meet the requirements are : nuts, seeds, leafy greens, sea vegetables, fish as well as milk and whole grains. However if you have allergies, sensitivities or intolerances to any listed please avoid and look for substitutes.

One brand to consider when picking your vitamins that contains no dairy, wheat, gluten and peanuts is SISU

Iron (30-50mg)

Over the last week I was reading some mom’s to be were upset that their doctors had prescribed them iron and did not think it was necessary. Now I totally agree the synthetic version of iron is unnecessary, however iron itself is quite important. Iron is a crucial nutrient needed to build blood cells in the mother and baby. Considering the mothers blood volume needs to increase by 50% during pregnancy I would say that it is a major factor in the creating of a healthy baby. Another important feature of iron is it aids in disease resistance and elimination.

Foods that are very high in iron: 3 cups streamed chard, 1.5 ounces of pumpkin seeds, 3 cups sorgumn pasta, 1.5 tbs of black strap molasses. Other sources are beef liver, red meats, salmon, seeds, nuts, prunes, chard mushrooms, seaweed.

It may be hard to get the adequate amount in you diet and if anemia occurs here are two plant based vitamins high in iron. Mega Food Blood Builders and Floradix.

Zinc (20-40 mg)

It is needed to aid normal development of the immune system. The foods it is found in is the same as iron.

Natural Factors is a popular brand.

Folic Acid (800-1,200 mcg)

This is so important  to help form red blood cells, aid growth and reproduction of other cells and to support the nervous system of the developing baby. Interesting enough it helps stimulate the mothers appetite.

Foods this vitamin can be found in are the following: yeast, fish, leafy vegetables, organ meats.

Two allergen free options are BioCare and Kirkmans. Also Prenatal Plus has a prenatal vitamin that may be one to consider.

Other vitamins that play a role are A,E, and B6, minerals that are helpful are iodine, magnesium and sodium. When you think of sodium, consider celery, beets, red meats, seaweed and seafood.

The above are so very important in the building of a beautiful new life. Some other things to consider outside of foods are what vaccinations you put into the body. When you consider all vaccinations contain food proteins (dairy, egg, gluten, nut) among other ingredients it is imperative you weigh out the risk of allergy to both yourself and your unborn child. It is a delicate time for the both of you, consider weighing the risks of injecting the unknown into a body hard at work building your perfect bundle of joy.

I wish someone had taken the time to share the above with me. However since I can not go back and change the past I would most definitely like to help those who are making decisions in the present.

Wishing You an Amazing Journey!

Your Budding Nutritionist



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