Bio: This journey to wellness has been almost a life long adventure. Having been diagnosed with many mental health illnesses throughout my life the last being Bipolar I just blindly believed. And in the end have been told I was misdiagnosed. It was not until I was married and wanted to start a family that I explored the possibility of getting off medications to give my yet to be conceived child a change in a med free body. It was through this process and being medication free and able to function that I began to question my diagnosis. Having been in a thirty year span to see over twenty five doctors here I was med free and not hospitalized. Then what was wrong, what was being missed? It was through the birth of my first child that I began to piece the answers together. First for her an then for myself. What turned out to be the underlying condition that was causing the mental health like symptoms was food intolerances/allergies. I am six years medication free which was no small feat. Having been that I was at one point on twenty meds a day just to function. And no one wanted me med free, my psychiatrist was convinced I would be institutionalized if I were to get of medication. And he was dead wrong. So in being med free and learning to help my children manage their food intolerances/allergies I learned how to manage mine. It is still a journey and we hit snags but it has been a wonderful learning experience!! So as a result I am studying Holistic Nutrition and working toward being certified as a R.H.N. If anything I have shared sounds like something you may be experiencing yourself. It is worth an investigation and you are worth it!! So enjoy as I take you through what I am leaning and what I have learned. Hoping to be able to help as many as I can along the way!!

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